It has been so, so long since I have posted a blog or recipe on here! I truly do love the idea of having my own website and a place to freely write about whatever I please. Recently I have started writing for a website, called Raise Vegan, as well as their digital and print magazine.

I write articles for the Raise Vegan website, as well as for the monthly magazine, which you can subscribe to in digital or hard copy! Of course, I am still a stay at home mom and running around after my 16 month old daughter, Norah. Having my own website was never about self promotion, it was about getting information out there that someone might not have otherwise known. Being able to write articles about what I believe in, and for a much larger platform, is something I could’ve only dreamed of doing! And who knows, maybe every now and then I will pop back on my own personal website and spill out a blog post.

I have decided to link the articles here, that I have written for the Raise Vegan website, in case you’re still interested in reading my posts! I cannot link the articles that I have written for the magazine, obviously, as that is a paid subscription. Some of these articles are written from personal experience such as; “40 Weeks, No Baby, Now What?”, “Breast Milk Donation: The Pro’s And Con’s”, “Why I Chose Not To Have An Epidural” and a couple of others, it is very obvious by the the way I write the post, that it is from personal experience. Posts such as “Can Cabbage Really Help Mastitis”, “Failure To Thrive: What Is It & How To Help” and “Placenta Previa: What It Means & What You Can do” were not¬†written from personal experience, but I know that they are such real and intense issues, I poured hours of research into each one. But please, enjoy all of these articles (I will have the oldest at the bottom and the newest at the top- updated weekly) and check out Raise Vegan for more amazing articles by my fellow vegan mamas!