I just have to start off this post by saying I never thought I would be that mom who says my daughter is ‘14 months old’, and that I would just simply tell everyone she is one. I did start off this way, as soon as she turned one, but people have started questioning me “she’s only one?! Wow she looks older”. I’ve begun to realize that people literally think one year old is only 12 months old, and not the months following. Plus, there is a HUGE difference between a 13 month old and a 22 month old, and technically both are still one.


With that being said, Norah is 14 months old, and has been a whole foods vegan since she was a wee lil’ seed inside me. What exactly does it mean to live a ‘whole foods plant based lifestyle’? Very simply put, she eats REAL food! I find list formats always much easier to understand:

Norah eats an abundance (as much as she wants) of;

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes (i.e. black beans, chickpeas, lentils)
  • Grains (she doesn’t eat wheat/gluten, but she does eat rice, quinoa, oats)


Norah does NOT ever eat;

  • Anything that once was an animal (meat)
  • Anything that came out of an animal (butter, milk, cheese, eggs etc)
  • Processed sugar (brown sugar, white sugar, powdered sugar)

If you wonder why we stick to this lifestyle, you can read back on my other blog posts, “What’s The Deal With Dairy”, “What’s The Matter With Meat” and “What’s The Explanation For Eggs.” Consider watching What The Health, and other vegan documentaries like it. It is my job as her mother to take as good care of her as I know how, and this is how I know to do it. I want her to grow up to be strong, healthy and happy from the inside out. Good habits start young, I involve Norah with as much as I can when it comes to preparing her food, she especially loves to make smoothies and i’m so overjoyed that she is excited to participate!


I decided to throw together a quick little sneak peek into what Norah typically eats in a day, obviously it totally varies from day to day, but this was just today;

  • Norah gets up with her dad anywhere around 6:30-7am, and he gives her a banana to snack on, until I roll out of bed between 7:30-8am, then she nurses. A banana first thing in the morning, and then breast milk is always a constant.
  • Right after she nursed, I started making us breakfast. Today was super cold, and so I decided to make warm oatmeal. Norah’s had a dash of cinnamon and diced organic strawberries in it, with ground walnuts, hemp seeds and almond mylk on top.
  • A couple of hours later she breast fed again, and had a little bit more banana and strawberries right afterwards.
  • After her nap we made a smoothie, she is such a great helper, and loves to taste each item before she puts it into the blender! Today we made a smoothie with bananas, frozen mango, frozen blueberry, spinach, almond mylk, coconut water, a splash of homemade elderberry water, hawaiian spirulina, and barley grass juice powder.
  • A couple of hours later she nursed again, and then right after I made her a plate of dates, orange slices and some black beans. I just put this on the coffee table in our living room and she’ll snack on it for an hour or so. She also stole some of her dads dehydrated mango slices.
  • She had more breast milk right before I began making dinner, and for dinner we had a vegetable ‘cheeze’ soup. It’s one of her favourites and it’s basically blended (cooked) vegetables (sweet potato, carrot, celery, onion, broccoli) with water, nut mylk, some spices and nutritional yeast.
  • After playing more, and her bath time, I nurse her before she goes to sleep, which usually is around 8pm.
  • Norah wakes up anywhere from 2 – 4 times per night still to nurse, although, only one of those feedings I know is really necessary for her. She’s been going through major teething for a while now, and can’t seem to get much of a break before the next tooth is pushing through. So, I notice she nurses more during the night for comfort, when she’s teething.

That’s what a typical day of food might look like for our little girl! It goes without saying that she gets fresh water constantly throughout the day, we just leave it out in her Hydroflask water bottle. Like I said before, of course it changes day to day, but bananas and smoothies are an everyday thing for our family. All three of us love them, and so we go through lots of bananas and smoothie stuff!


It’s super important to us that Norah is eating as well as possible, so many illnesses and diseases stem from food, and what you eat tends to stem from habits. I know I feel my best when i’m eating tons of fresh fruit and vegetables (I cannot wait for the warmer season), and so that is how we feed our daughter as well, she deserves the best.