My name is Emily and I live in Northern California with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter (born December 2016). I have been vegan since 2015 and our daughter, Norah, has been a healthy, whole foods vegan since conception.


My Vegan Journey

My journey towards better health started back in 2010, when I was struggling with skin and digestive issues. I learned that the hormones in dairy could be the cause, so I cut out all milk products and my skin healed so quickly! Not only that, I wasn’t having any ‘quick, find a bathroom’ moments any more (TMI?).


In 2013, I came across slaughterhouse footage online and was absolute horrified, I could not believe that I knew nothing about this, let alone that it was even legal. Ironically, later that day, I passed a truck full of pigs heading to slaughter. Seeing those adorable pigs looking at me and shoving their noses out of the side of the truck, and me, knowing there fate… I burst into tears and said “never again. I’m so sorry.”


A couple of years later, I made the connection with the egg industry and have been an ethical vegan every since. Of course, the benefits of being plant based are so incredible, for your health and the planet as well. I feel so amazing, from the inside out, and cannot believe that I didn’t go vegan sooner!


We like to raise our daughter with an abundance of love, gentleness and understanding. There is so much to learn from one another and we have so much fun as a family. Laughter really is the best medicine.